Agency: Ratio

Innovation Lead - Jeff Rubingh
Engineer - Kris Bruland
Developer - Chris Livdahl
Art Director / Designer - Keeley Laures

My Role: Art Direction, UI design, UX, Visual Design, Branding

The Ask: How can we leverage an emotion reading AI in a fun and engaging way in a 4 week time frame?

How It Works@3x.png
Screen States@3x.png
Splash Screen 1@3x.png
Instructional 2@3x.png
Camera View 3@3x.png
Results 4@3x.png
Screen States copy@3x.png
Splash Screen 1 copy@3x.png
Instructional 2 copy@3x.png
Camera View 3 copy@3x.png
Results 4 copy@3x.png
Style Guide@3x.png
Mood Board@3x.png