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I'm Keeley and I'm a Conceptual Interactive Art Director and Designer currently working as a Senior Designer at Fuzz in Brooklyn, NY.

My career started off in Digital Advertising working as an Art Director on campaigns for clients like Nike.com, Wells Fargo, and Audi. Along the way, I grew an admiration for Website Design and UX and started crafting my way through e-commerce experiences for clients like Michael Kors, to elaborate landing page experiences for clients like Starwood Hotels. Gradually I found my way towards App Design and larger scale website experiences working through creating Visual Design systems and User Flows for clients like the NBA, United Technologies, and Yahoo! Finance. Given my never ending curiosity, I've also dabbled with Augmented Reality and AI-Based technologies via in-house projects. These types of projects helped spark an interest in Ethical AI and bringing awareness to ensure the use of unbiased data and testing sets.

I have a STRONG admiration for typography and editorial layouts. My overall goal for all projects to leverage empathy to ensure the best results for the end user whether it be for a website or a piece of print collateral. 

In my spare time, I make show posters and keep up this small Etsy shop containing my hand-stitched embroideries here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/keeleylaures 

Work can also be found on WorkingNotWorking.



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