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i design things that people use.

I'm Keeley and I'm a Conceptual Interactive Art Director and Designer currently working on digital products and websites as a Senior Designer at Fuzz in Brooklyn, NY.

Before I started jumping on the corporate trampoline, I was a barista for 7 years in lovely Richmond, VA. During this kick, I explored being a fine artist and holding an art show monthly for a solid three years. Simultaneously, I started designing and making whatever I could get my hands on whether it be flyers for local events or screen printing cuts for jean jackets for local bike clubs.

I eventually obtained a degree in Social Science and tried a second degree (while working as a designer full time) in Creative Advertising as an “old person” until I eventually dropped out. You win some, you lose some but hey, at least I was able to pay my student loans back within 5 years.

My career started off in Digital Advertising working as an Art Director on campaigns. Along the way, advertising started to feel soulless. I grew an admiration for Website Design and UX and started crafting my way through e-commerce experiences, to elaborate landing page experiences. Gradually I found my way towards product design and larger scale website experiences. In truth, designing interfaces also felt like designing for the Starship Enterprise so that was pretty cool. Given my never ending curiosity, I've also dabbled with Augmented Reality and AI-Based technologies via in-house projects. These types of projects helped spark an interest in Ethical AI and bringing awareness to ensure the use of unbiased data and testing sets.

I have a STRONG admiration for typography and editorial layouts. In my spare time, I make show posters and keep up this small Etsy shop containing my hand-stitched embroideries here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/keeleylaures. Work can also be found on WorkingNotWorking.
Side note, I’m proud of my grey hair.



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