I'm Keeley and I'm an Interactive Art Director and Designer. After living in Richmond Virginia,
Oakland California, and Brooklyn New York; my boyfriend, two cats, and I have settled in Seattle
Washington for the time being. 

Projects that I've worked on include Digital Advertising, Responsive Web, Native Applications for
Android and iOS, Ai-based Apps, and Augmented Reality; I'm certainly open to other types. Among these projects, I've assisted with UI/UX Design, User Research, Prototyping, Interactive Design, Visual Design, Art Direction, Creative Concepting, Branding and the creation of Design Systems. I've also worked on the classic forms of Advertising and Design including Billboards, Magazine Layouts, and Video Storyboards. 

I have a STRONG admiration for typography and editorial layouts. My overall goal for all projects to leverage empathy to ensure the best results for the end user whether it be for a website or a piece of print collateral. 

In my spare time, I make show posters and keep up this small Etsy shop containing my hand-stitched embroideries here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/keeleylaures 

Work can also be found on WorkingNotWorking.

I strive for simplicity, uncluttered functionality, and brevity in all of my designs and with that, well, 
I bid you adieu.

Feel free to hit me up!

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