Product//Website Design

Agency: AKQA
Client: Audi

Creative Director: Michael Neuman
UX Designer: Maxine Kim
Designer/ Art Director: Keeley Laures 

My Role: UI Design, UX Thinking, Art Direction

The Ask: Audi approached us asking for a new product and interface to test to see how an online website that helps those find Audi's at a discounted rate could work for their customer base. They were looking for something that could work for their dealers and help get aged cars off of their lots faster through minor decreases in prices. 

The Solution: A mobile first product that is targeted through online search. The overall idea is that if one was browsing on the Audi website, then an online target would pinpoint what the user was looking for. The user would then be given an invitation of sorts to browse through the Audi Select site. Based on previous search, if a user was looking for a Q3 for example, the user would be granted access to special deals from a car lot near them. 

Style 1

A more modern approach to the audi brand embracing minimalism, gradients, and free form layout.

This is an example of the model landing page.


Style 2

Embracing lifestyle and full bleed imagery to help direct the user. 
Below is an example of the flow from model and vehicle selection to the model landing page. 

Style 3

Taking a modern "tech" like approach utilizing negative space to highlight the Audi product. Starting off with a homepage that uses video, then leading into lifestyle imagery. When getting to the "nitty gritty" of the choosing process, the user is greeted with cleanliness. Once the selection is made, the user sees a combination of lifestyle and tech-like imagery and functionality to help with furthering their decision. 

Below shows the full process from home page, to interstitial, to vehicle/body selection, to results, to model landing page.