Agency | AKQA                   Role | Concept Development, Art Direction, Visual Design                 Client | Audi

The goal was to direct online users to the Audi website to learn more about the release of the brand new Q7 and to do this in an eye catching and engaging way through interaction and premium visuals
across dozens of online websites and retailers. Looking holistically at all media buys, we approached this campaign based on how to best appeal to the demographics of each media buy. Leveraging buys from areas
like CNET, we decided to take a more hands on approach by creating rich experiences involving user engagement ultimately driving them to the Audi website. For other areas on the internet, we used simple revealing
animation that honed in on simplicity and the premium look of the Audi Q7. We also built information simple advertisements that highlighted key features of the Q7. Through outlets like Washington Post, we co-branded with
technology based articles that reflected current events. 

rich media

We designed a desktop/tablet responsive rich media experience for the CNET website. This same experience resides on all desktop, tablet and mobile devices.
The idea behind this unit was to create a very informative online teaser for what the Q7 features.


homepage takeovers

We were also asked to fulfill visuals for the release on various websites. For this we decided with a simple animation and sleek design.
Example of the sequence below:


Standard banners

Standard banners in the sizes of 300x250, 160x600, 728x90, and 300x600 were also created to fulfill various other media buys. Standard banners are designed per a template with rich animations.


AudiUSA.com Assets
To keep consistency between the online assets and the website. We also created assets for AudiUSA.com




washington post

Co-branding and sponsoring with Washington Post highlighting technology in current events and technology with Audi.
Also co-branding with social technology and trends regarding current events. 


ACD | Adam Zoltowski                 Copywriter | Gabrielle Soria