Action Against Hunger


 BBH New York came to Domani needing a website for one of their projects known as Can Gold. The objective was to create a clean and
simple fully responsive website to assist in their mission to get advertising agencies as well as their clients to engage in purchasing Can Gold
awards instead of Cannes Gold Lions. The result would be money donated to Action Against Hunger. One of the challenges was created a
nice web and mobile experience using the Shopify platform in a very short period of time.

Agency | Domani Studios                   Role | UI/UX, Visual Design                   Client | Action Against Hunger


Can Gold showed a live update of who won a Cannes Gold under what campaign and for which client. From here, a visitor has the ability to
Tweet at or share on Facebook that they'd like for the agency to purchase a Can Gold Award instead of a Cannes Gold. For the sake of
responsiveness, we decided to minimize this grid on mobile to including only Twitter and the Agency winner.

The third phase of our release is after the Cannes Gold Awards. For this final phase, we are highlighting those who did,
in fact, purchase a Can Gold. With this we have given the user the option to congratulate them on their donation.